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15 days money back guarantee for phone that takes 4-6 weeks to ship?

I'm a new customer planning to join Koodo. The phone I am ordering says "phone takes 4-6 weeks to ship", do I have to pay for my plan before I even receive my phone? When does the 15 day money back guarantee start counting in this case? I see there are previous questions about online purchases which have 30 days but I may not even have received the phone. What about the monthly fee, does it start counting the moment I press order now?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Stephen I think you will start paying your plan when you receive your phone. I dont think it would make sens to be charged for a plan you are not using. Same for the warranty bit I might be wrong. Ps : if you want to get a 25$ credit on your bill, male sure you're getting referred by someone.
It really only make sense to not get charged until I get my phone/sim. But in this day and age it's hard to rely on common sense anymore. Is there any Koodo employee that can confirm here?

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Hi there - the upfront cost of the purchase is billed as soon as you check out. If the phone is purchased on a tab, your tab structure and payment details are implemented right away as well. The 15-day exchange/return period begins when the phone is shipped. 
Hope that helps.