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15 day return policy INCLUDES THE FIRST DAY!?

BE WARNED. The "15-day" return policy really is 14 days, because it "includes the first day". This is asinine and borderline false advertising; I bought a phone at about 6:30pm, August 31, and went back in to exchange the phone for a more expensive one (I was given the wrong specs originally) before 6:30pm September 15, and they would not take it back.

Think about this. If I had been told I could return or exchange the phone *within 1 day after purchase*, this would mean if I went back 8am September 1, that is, within 16 hours after my purchase, it would be too late. How do they legally claim "within 15 days" actually means *within fourteen 24-hour periods*?

I have been a monthly Koodo customer for nearly 6 years. I went in and asked for the cheapest phone that had with at least 2GB of RAM. That's *literally* the only specification I cared about. The customer service rep said that the new LG XPower2 might be my best bet, but they just got them in so he would have to look it up. He did, and said it did indeed have 2GB of RAM, and we made the switch.

The next week I discovered it did not have 2GB of RAM. It is a chepaer model that has 1.5GB of RAM. I called and they said to bring it back by September 15 can switch it for a different phone, but would owe some because a phone with 2GB of RAM is more. That is fine with me; I just cared about the RAM.

I have a registered disability and have difficulty getting places, so I had a friend drive me back. The best day for her within the 15-day window was the following Friday afternoon, the 15th of September, and since that was exactly 15 days after the August 31 purchase (and having been told this was the last day I could bring it in for a fancier phone), I figured that was fine.

When I got there, a new rep told me the 15 day window *includes the first day*, so he couldn't do anything for me. I told him what I was originally told, and he said he would talk to his manager and call me back, and that because of my registered disability, he thought there was a way I could still send it in to exchange for, again, a more-expensive phone (I AM TRYING TO GIVE KOODO MORE MONEY HERE) with my minimum 2GB specification. Again, I said that was fine, I would pay for that. I just do not want to pay for the one I was given, because I was told the wrong specs.

Of course, I never got a call. Ever. Since then, I have tried to contact the original rep without success. Nobody seemed to know anything about an extended return period for those with disabilities. Getting very frustrated here. All I asked for was a phone with 2GB of RAM. I don't feel I was *purposefully* lied to, but the original rep was obviously confused and mistakenly lied to me. I have the first rep's ID# on my receipt, and have the first name of the second rep I talked to, but for obvious mobility reasons I can't keep just up and going to the Koodo booth in hopes I will see one of them to figure this out.

The original rep seemed very interested in getting a "passing grade" in the text survey, which he said meant a 4 or a 5. I thought maybe this would be a way to get through to him, but no, "this survey is now closed".

Not only that, but the front camera LED does not work on this phone under any circumstances. I now need to annoyingly return it for a replacement, but even then I will be out of a phone I do not want, since there apparently is no Koodo 2GB RAM model of the LG XPower2. At all.

At this point I am frustrated enough that I feel after 5 years of excellent service, I should just cut my losses, pay off my tab, and switch providers if I am actually, truly stuck with this phone (or rather, after I receive a warranty replacement for a phone I do not want that nevertheless features a working front LED). That, or if there is an extended disability replacement policy after all, or if the second rep was in fact wrong about the, and again, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the *number of days "within 15 days" of purchase* I would like to switch models to a phone with the minimum amount of RAM I asked for. That is all I want.

That's the most frustrating part. Not the brush-offs or the confusing policies. One thing. I asked for one thing. I had one specification, was lied to (again, accidentally, but nobody has taken any responsibility about this) and it's turned in to a total nightmare because of Koodo's 14-day "15 day" policy and a total lack of acknowledgment from anyone at Koodo that I was told a phone had better specs than it does, and was told I had until the 15th (which is within fifteen 24-hours periods, most commonly known as "one day") to exchange it for a better phone. I have my receipt dated August 31, all packaging, all accessories, and the phone is in pristine condition... save for the front LED which does not turn on. Any help here would be fantastic.

I emailed this to Koodo already, along with my contact info and Self Serve login. I have no idea if and when I might possibly receive a response.

Just be warned. "within 15 days" means "within 14 days". This is an important distinction that even the Koodo reps seem to be confused about.

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Hello Akos,

Did you know all conversation are recorded? Or at least, look like they are. If you call in and tell you that the gut told you 15th of September, then they are most likely obligated to honour this mistake. Please be patient, I'm sure someone will get this thing sorted out.
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@Akos, would like to look into the details and reach out to the store manager as well. What name is your account under? Alternately, contact us via Facebook private message.