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1000 international long distance minutes missing from 2 accounts?

I have two accounts under my name, and I just upgraded both to new phones and new holiday promo plans with 1000 international long distance minutes, but these minutes do not show up in my account details.

One of the accounts upgraded smoothly online, but the other encountered a glitch, so I had to phone in for it to be switched, but neither is showing the 1000 LD minutes.

Are there any Koodo employees here who can assist? Much appreciated!

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Hi Aaron,It appears as an add-on in self serve and not in the plan information. Have you taken a look there?
Hi Mathieu!

I don't see it there. This is what I have on one account. The other account still shows the old plan, but that's the account I had to phone in to update, so maybe that one will refresh later on.

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If it does not refresh, I would contact Koodo.
I contacted Koodo and they fixed it right up.