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$100 Bonus gift online for the Lg Stylo

This bonus.gift offer does not say its for new activations. I just want to clarify what the.gift is and that existing customers qualify. Thanks!

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I went ahead and tried to buy the phone and it does show the $100.gift. Sadly, koodo insists on credit card info although the bill is 0 and the tab charge is added to my monthly bill which is not paid by credit card. I don't give out CC info to cell phone companies after a horrifying experience with Bell.
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Hello there,

Koodo is not Bell. They ask for a CC in order t perform a credit check I believe so that's why. They won't charge you without your consent. DOn't worry about it.
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Koodo already has your credit card info on file from when you signed up and if you have paid your bill in the past with your credit card. Koodo also goes above and beyond to protect credit card fraud and things to the point it frustrates many who don't seem to care about security so like Robert said it's really nothing to worry about. We've had at least one line with koodo for like 8 years and never had any issues using credit cards with them if it's any consultation to you mmlt.
Thanks for the replies. Good recommendations. 
I did buy the phone and I did receive two $50 visa cards. Lovely phone for cheap.