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1 GB Data Usage When I Deleted the Facebook App

Trying to determine how I had a 0.92GB usage in data when I deleted my Facebook App (Samsung S5). Is this even possible? Is this a glitch of some kind?

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This is most likely usage occurred from when the app was installed on the device and running. You should be able to see the dates when Facebook accumulated the data usage and hopefully they'll line up with when the app was still on the device. 

If this isn't the case I'd recommend contacting billing (*611) from your device and taking this up with them. No guarantee they'll be able to do anything for you, but they will at the very least address your concerns 
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You could have used the app a lot when it was on your device. Viewing all the pictures and videos and/or uploading your own can eat it up quickly if you're not careful. There's also an infamous "Auto-play videos" option that is set to "on" by default that has to be turned off.

Taylor's right though; if it doesn't lineup to when the app was installed than you can dispute it, otherwise data usage is usually accurate.
Thanks guys. I will give 611 a call. It was a huge spike immediately after I dumped the app. The Data Usage app on my phone says 

Foreground - 0.00b
Background - 0.92GB
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Keep us posted, Dave !