I’m Confused.

No Unlimited Incoming Calls? What does that mean? What does that cost?

Koodo is advertising a monthly data plan right now for $39 that doesn't include "Unlimited incoming calls"

Does anyone know what that means? Does anyone know the limitations of that? Does anyone know how much it costs to receive an incoming call? Does anyone know if I get a certain number of incoming calls for free each month before I have to pay?

This plan is much better than the old one I'm currently on. I pay more for 1/6th of the data, no call display, no voicemail either but I have no clue what the part about incoming calls means nor is it anywhere in the fine print. I want to switch but I'm afraid that I'll end up regretting it later on by paying a lot more every time someone calls me.

Please let me know if you know. Cheers.
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