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Iphone 5s Rumours

Dual LED Flash New iPhone 5S Release Date With 4G LTE Radio Slated for Late August

The grapevines are buzzing with the news that the new iPhone 5s is scheduled for a summer release packed with a dual LED Flash and an upgraded camera. Apple will launch the next generation iPhone 5S, an upgraded version of iPhone 5, we stronger believe, instead of an iPhone 6. This information comes to us courtesy of EMSOne through Appleinsider. The article cites Barclay’s Capital analysts claiming that orders for iPhone 5S have already been placed with Foxconn aiming at an August release.

According to the article, the New iPhone 5S would be world class phone complete with features that can successfully handle various LTE frequencies in a single model, including those required in China Mobile (a distinct upgrade that wasn’t present in the previous iPhone 5).

Incorporation of the latest Qualcomm 4G LTE radio that supports all LTE frequencies across the world in a single chip, has enabled the new iPhone 5S to achieve this level of compatibility. This empowers Apple to create a single model for the new iPhone 5S to serve across the world on the majority of major carriers. In fact Qualcomm plans to supply the chips in the latter half of 2013 in time for iPhone 5S late summer release.

Another rumor abound in the industry hints that Apple plans to fit its handset, iPhone 5S with a dual LED flash camera, stacked atop each other, rather than being lined up side-by-side. The rumors in 2012 had suggested that the new iPhone 5 will come with a dual LED flash, but those rumors turned out to be false. Perhaps the rumors were an early prediction for the iPhone 5S.

A dual LED flash will help one shoot well at low lights, a feature missing from most smartphones, giving the new iPhone 5S a distinct edge.

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