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Cannot Receive picture text message on iphone

I have been with koodo for a while first with my blackberry and then i switched to an iphone 4s. Both phones i cannot receive picture/video text messages and i don't why??
my iphone i can send/recieve from other iphones with data or wifi but with non-iphones i can only send with my data on and can never recieve.

does anyone know how to fix this??
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  • 1. Your mobile data (not WiFi) must be turned on in order to send/receive MMS (but iMessage works over WiFi).

    2. Go reset your network settings (settings > general > reset > reset network settings). Your personal data will not be lost.

    3. Connect to WiFi. See if an update to your carrier settings is available (settings > general > about). If it is, you'll be prompted to download and update.
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