android 4.2.2

Will the S2x be receiving the update to 4.2? I read somewhere that the s2 and note 2 are getting it. Thanks.
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  • Nobody will know till it gets closer to the time of release if it does happen. It just got 4.1.2 like a month ago and the Galaxy S3 international version doesn't even have 4.2 yet let alone the carrier models which come a couple months after the international version. Galaxy S2x if it gets it will be 4-6 months after that at least. so if it does it won't be till fall. I wouldn't be surprised if 4.1 is the final update for the over 2 year old phone.
    Also the original Galaxy Note would be more of a comparison than the Galaxy Note 2 which will definitely be getting 4.2.2 as the Note 2 isn't even a year old yet.
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